3YR Keep Your Drive

3YR Keep Your Drive
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Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services that support the full lifecycle... more
Product Information: 3YR Keep Your Drive
Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of value-added services that support the full lifecycle of your Lenovo assets from procurement to disposition.
Our service experience can optimise productivity and user satisfaction by reducing downtime, and enabling you or your IT staff to focus on your business-critical issues.All Lenovo warranties include 24/7 phone access to customer support and full coverage on labor, parts and system repair for all manufacturer defects or common-use issues that arise with your Lenovo Product.
If an issue cannot be resolved by phone, Lenovo will dispatch a certified technician to attempt repair of your machine at your location with no shipping involved.
This service provides parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at your place of business.
If Lenovo determines your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the telephone or with a customer replaceable unit, repair will be made onsite, typically the next business day.
Service is available during Lenovo’s normal in-country business hours.
Calls received after 4:00pm local time will require an additional business day for service dispatch.
On-site service is available in metropolitan areas only.
Next business day service is not guaranteed.
Under the terms of the Lenovo Limited Warranty, when Lenovo replaces a defective part, that part becomes the property of Lenovo.
If a drive fails and it is still under warranty, KYD enables you to maintain custody of your data, eliminating the need to track failed hard drives in transit and eliminating associated paperwork.
KYD covers multiple drives and failures, so data within individual PCs and Servers remains protected.
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